STRANGE (click for more info)

"Strange" , opening song from 2020 CD "Now"

The video for the song "Strange" announces a new album „NOW“

"This is my fourth solo, original, instrumental album and I'm very pleased with how it all turned out. I've worked with producer Mladen Malek before but this is the first time we've done my album. The collaboration was great, without workload and with mutual respect. I feel that this is one of my most mature albums, that I still have my handwriting. It is still a guitar oriented album, but not a guitar - hero album. It has always been about structure, melody and arrangement of the song.

”Guitarist and composer Nebojsa Buhin Nebo has released a new album "Now". This is his 4 original instrumental album in which he combines pop-rock with blues and soundtrack atmosphere. The album was produced by Mladen Malek, and played by: Mario Klarić - drums, Reo Radan - keyboards, Mario Rašić - bass, and the guests are Macedonian guitarist Dimitar Božikov and Danko Burić on viola. The album contains 8 new songs, and is announced by the video for the song "Strange".

Buhin has been nominated 5 times for the "Porin" discography award, and he has won the award for "best instrumental album" twice. He is a multiple winner of the STATUS HGU award for the best instrumentalist -guitarist in Croatia. He works as a backing and studio musician.

“Of my 8 albums released so far, 3 have been nominated and two more have won the Porin Award. 5 out of 8… very good score. Porin is the only place to recognize the work of artists like me. There is nothing worse for an author than when his effort goes under the radar. Unfortunately, neither radio stations nor the media usually follow what is happening and it is difficult to hear this kind of music on the air. The video for the song "Strange" is a deliberately self-ironic commentary on such a situation. Times have changed. But at the end of the day, the music always comes from within, with or without awards, with or without broadcasting songs, you're where you are and you keep working, investing, recording, playing. ” Nebojsa Buhin's album "NOW" was released for the record company Nota Bene from Zagreb.