DISCOGRAPHY audio & video

babe cover
BABE Promo CD (HB TON,1999), with 4 songs including song "Country" ( Leb i sol)
Producer: Zoran Haramnčić - Hara.

10 gs cover
10 GUITAR STORIES (DALLAS RECORDS,2003). Videos: "Healing Touch" i "New Shoes". Producer: Gojko Tomljanović.

gl cover
GUITAR LANGUAGE (DALLAS RECORDS, 2007) Producer: Nikša Bratoš. Guests: Dimitar Božikov (Leb i sol), Ricardo Luque, Marko Ramljak. Video: " Big girl" ( Net film). PORIN AWARD 2008.

xmas cover
NEBO PLAY XMAS SONGS (DALLAS RECORDS, 2007) Producer: Gojko Tomljanović. Art work:Darko Toth.

ssd cover
SIX STRING DIARY (DALLAS RECORDS, 2011) Producer Nikša Bratoš. Guests: Greg Koch(USA), Mike Gage (USA), PORIN AWARD 2012. VideO: "BAM".

FOR A FRIEND&BROTHER (SPONA, 2015) instrumental CD with Tomislav Goluban. Video "St.Martin" by Sandro Toth.
Producers: Goluban/ Buhin, mix: Mladen Malek
The album "For a Friend & Brother" by Tomislav Goluban and Nebojša Buhin is their musical and personal tribute to Dražen Buhin. Dražen brought these two musicians together during his life but also after he passed away, way too much before his time in 2012. Unlike the previous tribute album which featured Dražen's lyrics, these two award-winning musicians have combined their best musical weapons - the mouth organ (Goluban) and instrumental music (Buhin) - to create something truly special. The result is a surprisingly diverse and interesting album where Goluban's compositions meet Buhin's arrangements.

CROSSING OVER (LAUDATO, 2015) Blues spiritual CD featuring Landon Spradlin (USA, Virginia) with guests : Matija Dedić, Elvis Stanić, Dimitar Božikov, Apostoli mira, Ivan Pešut, Bruno Kovačić...Producer: Nikša Bratoš