Nominated for "Croatian Grammy", PORIN AWARD, in category " BEST INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM"

›› Song “Gabriel” from CD “Now”

For Gabriel, our pride & joy.

›› China - new single from CD “Now”

›› STRANGE (click for more info)

"Strange" , opening song from 2020 CD "Now"

›› NEW CD “Now” available from 15.09.2020 on all music digital platforms

Guitarist and composer Nebojsa Buhin - Nebo releases new instrumental album "Now" for Nota Bene Records. Buhin has profiled himself in the instrumental music genre with 2 "PORIN" Awards and 3 more nominations during his work so far. This is his 4th original instrumental CD that brings a mix of pop-rock music with bluesy tones and a soundtrack atmosphere. About the album, Nebo says: "I've never taked instrumental music, or any music, lightly - all the songs are done gradually, the ideas are worked out until the song gets more layers, until the song is resolved in the way I wanted. Still are melodies in the foreground, and the guitar is a means by which I try to tell various stories. I want the listener to return to the songs and each time discover some detail that he missed for the first time. If that happens, then I have succeeded in my work. " CD brings 8 instrumental songs, and the mix and production is done by a new collaborator Mladen Malek.

Track listing:

1. STRANGE 4:22
2. CHINA 3:21
3. GABRIEL 3:45
4. STAY 4:40
6. MOVIES 4:14
7. EASTER 2:20
8. NOW 1:15

All songs composed by Nebo Buhin


Check web site of acoustic trio Rašić & Buhin / Šomen! Unique mixture of etno, jazz, fusion music, check the news, dates...

https://www.afstrio.com/afs trio logo

›› “Stay” Buhin feat. Božikov

New singl "Stay" featuring Dimitar Božikov!
First single from up-and-coming album!
Available on all digital services worldwide:

›› Victory amps in front of 16000 people in Zagreb Arena (Croatia)

pj vicrtory
Victory amps Arena Zagreb / att.16000
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›› AFTERSHOCK feat.Ivana Kindl new single!

AFTERSHOCK are Nebo Buhin and bass player Mario Rašić. Together with Ivana Kindl they covered old classic tune from "king of funk" Dino Dvornik.

›› Biography Nebojsa Buhin Nebo

Born in Bjelovar, Croatia, where he lives today, Nebo started playing guitar at age 13., without formal musical education, influenced by the blues, pop-rock- jazzy and guitar - oriented records from 70's/ 80's. Nebo works as studio and session musician in Croatia and is regulary playing acrross the region. Nebo's own music is described as a mixture of pop-rock with bluesy and jazzy flavours and strong melody. He uses Victory amps and Sumback spekers, Music man guitars., Godin nylon guitars, Yamaha acoustic guitars.

Nebo has released 4 instrumental albums with his own material and works on other projects including AFS Trio (www.afstrio.com) and collaborations with other artists.

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